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Say what?

I hear we’re lacking attitude Solas. So I did a 30 minute figure study with fandom side benefits.
Fanart, Dragon Age: Inquisition.

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Look out a window. Draw what you see. Bonus points for adding something interesting.

Well, I hope our crappy weather and my equally as interesting window view cuts it for bonus points?

Sandstorms suck, people. Especially if it rained just before that. …And right after it, too. But only enough to make mud, not to […]

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Draw a BG with 2pt Perspective

Well, I still don’t really do well on those.

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@i-a-w-v‘s lovely Inquisitor Lavellan.

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Draw a BG with 1pt Perspective. Negative points if it’s a railroad or an empty street.

Well, then.This took longer than I expected. Life and its habit of butting in my leisure time.

I had harder time learning how to do the grid for this than the actual doodle. Not that it’s a quality picture, but I […]

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Roslyn Trevelyan, of Ascendant

Or. how my brain renders her. I hope, @eveningshadowrising, that you don’t mind :) I tried to keep her features true, while putting in how I imagine her when I read.

Trying to cure my art-blue by drawing fanfic characters might […]

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