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Freckles, Curls

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Rainy Dreams

My dream estate in preferred weather ;) Because I’ve had this kind of view for years and it’s killing my (wintery, foresty, rainy) soul.

Based on a picture I’ve seen somewhere of Beinn Fhada, Gearr Aonach, and Aonach Dubh (The Three […]

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Making of the Veil

New head-canon: The reason why making of the Veil was so time consuming and exhausting – so much that Fen’Harel had to rest for centuries on – is because it is…

…completely handmade.

Ba dum tss.

Shoutout to @smuttine​ who prompted the idea […]

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Row Houses

Learning by copying

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Hairy portrait for Redbubble.

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Commission piece.

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