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“In painting, everything depends on the drawing. The drawing is the inner structure that upholds and organizes the composition, and anyone who wants to learn to paint must therefore learn to draw. But drawing is more than just an adjunct […]

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Day 4 – Figure Drawing

Testing few things – free trial of PS CC 2017, a set of new pencil brushes, learning how to use Anthony Ryder’s method of envelope -> block in -> refine -> shade. (This is my copy of his drawing ‘Moon Maiden’)

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Day 2 – Willow

Practicing rendering in painting, and whether I remember skin texturing at least a little.

Featuring Willow by the Stream – eventually to be dressed, too.

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Day 1 – Skin texture

Not perfect, but I definitely learned few things :)

There’re many lousy ends to tie up but I mainly wanted to see the skin texture and how to do it.

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New Year’s Resolution

I’m not usually one to make those, but I’ve decided to give it a try this time around…so, for 2017: Draw every day, even if it’s just a circle or a line. Actively work on improving my drawing and painting […]

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Last Drawings of a Year 2016

Didn’t have much time to draw the past 14 days, so at least some ‘I want to learn’ doodles from my pocket notebook. :)
Some random nib I converted from writing to drawing kind by the finest of tools – heavy duty […]

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