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Art Tumblr Import

Over the next few hours (or days) I will be importing all my ‘art’ Tumblr posts back to here. It may break the site a little as I might fiddle with settings and the theme, as I always do and […]

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Day 72 – Progress on Axonometric City

I’d like for this to go as a wall mural for our bedroom in Kheiran. Of course, it remains to be seen whether I can even finish it – at the moment it seems I might’ve bitten more than I […]

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Day 71 – WIP

Isometric City project.

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Day 70 – Laso instead of brush

Just playing around with PS tools. Used laso and bucket tool only…still kind of waiting for some motivation boost. Been dragging in the block for a week now.

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Day 66 – ‘Urban’ Sketching

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The principle of true art is not to portray but to evoke.

— Jerzy Kosinski (born on this day in 1933)

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