Why do muffins stick to case?

Now when going through the usual keyphrases looked for on my blog, digging through hundreds of searches how to purge to get skinny and sayings of Imams, I came across one funny search.

“Why do muffins stick to case?”, is asking unknown person.

Well, that’s an interesting observation.
They might stick to case because they are made from sticky material, as the dough for muffin contains a lot of soft butter and sugar, often tipped by some other stuff around, sugar, chocolate, marmelade, and when not kept in very dry and cold environment, they tend to become very sticky… hence to befriend the case they are carried in too much and leave some pieces behind, when being picked up.

Ps.: Who wants to bake some, as I know in CZ it is not so easy to get good already done and ready to be bought, here are some recipes.

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