The Feminized Western Men

In the article was also mentioned a possibility of certain doses of oestrogen in female body during the early pregnancy affecting the resulting sex of featus, pointing out that those doses can make a big difference, ‘turning’ boys into girls, yet I wasn’t able to locate any reliable source which would agree on this theory, but i found one mentioning the oestrogen in males, not females, which is work “Reduced Ratio of Male to Female Births in Several Industrial Countries”, where is not mentioned anything of oestrogen water pollution, yet contains what I needed for this article. That is, “increase the relative proportion of oestrogen in male leads to the production of more female offspring” [Gender of embryo; Medical determinants of sex at birth, 2nd paragraph in the middle], and indicates, although in the article related to overall stress, that excessive amount of oestrogen level in men’s body can push a bit our male to female ratio.
It is well known recently, that the amount of girls being born in so called civilized western countries is bigger than in countries lacking the amount of oestrogen water pollution (or the amount of contraception pills taken by the girls in there).
I don’t want to sound alarming; nor sensational. I just wanna point out for me and for others, why shouldn’t we be so happy for the ‘sexual revolution’ we got with the hormonal contraception medicaments. That the amount of women taking the pills from very early age to quite late is huge, and in most of the cases really unneeded; if you wanna fuck around, get used to latex again, unless you wanna end up in the western world ruled by women only, and having ‘fertility holidays’ in countries south and east, to get some babies and possibly also some males back to our world.
Now I don’t wanna be rude towards all the feminist gibberish about the freedom of western woman, but there are borders, and these borders are now being ignored.
We all should stop taking pills for fun and use them only as they should be – as remedies, treatments to real hormonal problems; and we should start to worry about the future face of human race – and Earth at all.

PS.: At first I wanted to have this article in both languages, English and Czech, but considering my lack of will to translate too long stuff and this one came out a bit longer than previously expected, I’ll just rudely presume everyone knows English and can get the main plot of this thing without the need of torture me with translating it. Not mentioning, how would already long article become even longer.

PS2.: This problem isn’t related solely to drinking water. It relates to everything around, what uses water in some way, which is, in fact, everything. The animals eat grass growing from these waters, hence swallow the amount of human medicaments and send them back to us again; the veterinaries themselves dope farm animals with big amounts of all kinds of remedies and growth hormones and some of the farmers try to push the sex ratio of cattle (easier to get cows only for milk, right?), the solo water pollution mentioned in the article above is just a starting thing, something to be worried about, because the Earth and all organisms and life on it depends on the water. Just to let know.

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