Strange Tastes, Extraordinary Order and Mist around the Angel of the North


I’ve always wondered what tastes can people from other countries get; what do they like and what do they eat and what won’t they ever put in their mouths. Interesting topic, unfortunately only a little bit tied to the country of origin, more to the person him/herself.
Me and Abood got some of ‘our’ tastes though; and they are, indeed, strange for the other one. I’ve got used to the fact I make sometimes for the breakfast bread with strawberry / blueberry / blackberry jam and toast cheese. Weird, isn’t it? I mean, I would never, ever combine sweet marmelade with salty cheese in one meal! Odd taste.
But… than I’ve remembered that I got my own weird thing to eat, at least in the eyes of my husband, and that is bread with butter and leek. Yeah! You read right; I might not bite on onions as my brother does, but I stuff fresh leek in my sandwich. So I guess we can call it fifty fifty. Me and my contraception sandwich (you can imagine the breath after that, right?); and Abood and his saltsweet toast. Oh yeah, sometimes I also heat up the cheese for it, so it will be melty. Yummy!
We got some misty days now, beautiful and mystique, and the soil smells so wonderful in parks and woods. I really enjoyed the walk today, taking deep, full breaths of the humid earthly air all around. Dori didn’t care, the only thing she really desired was to throw some branches and stones into the river in the Amstrong Park. So we did.
As the weather wasn’t particularly pleasant to the attire we wore I’ve decided to buy new cardigans for us (and for me jeans, I’ve got only one trousers, bloody hell, is that a normal woman, even?), 4 items – two jackets, one jeans and one warm hooded dress for 4yrs old; 130£ flew away with one click. My careful mind just blew off with that, heh. But I ought to say we really needed it. And we need more, but I’m not gonna bother my account anymore and neither will I ask Aboody for it, because in the end what we really need and what we only want is relative.
Isn’t it?





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    Um Abbas

    Considering the whole area, it really is secluded. I’m not talking park in terms of Stromovka, but something much, much bigger and wilder (only a part of it is cultivated for picnics, the rest is ‘as is’ for nature and nice walks), a bit of nature in the town.

  3. Cheorchia

    S laskavym dovolenim jsem nahledla na Tvcoje fotografie na Flickru.Jestli me neodseknou,budu sedet pribita na zidli hodne dlouho:).Takovou krasu jsem dlouho nevidela!Ty jsi profesionalni fotografka? :)
    Mohla bych mit nezdvorily dotaz-jakym pristrojem fotis? :)

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