So we got out personal Jinn.
According to my husband it’s a female, possessive kind, and rather annoying.
I didn’t believe in her and found it maybe a bit stress relieving for Aboody, but under the light of recent happenings I eventually agreed on calling our new Jinn Squishy. ‘Coz she keeps on squashing us, heh.
According to Islamic teachings Jinns are creatures made from fire, unlike mud-made humans, and were residing on Earth before we did; and they still live here together with us, but for us invisible, as they’re different kind of being, different dimension, we might say.
Even Shaytan – devil – the ruler of Hell, is a Jinn. He was the most religious one from all the creatures, but refused to bow to mud-made humans thinking that fire is better and superior, and got chased off his … let’s say prominent… position on the Earth. He promised though to prove that humans are worse sinners than Jinns were.
So we got our personal Jinn now; she is putting difficulties in our way and spoiling everything, even a simple communication through MSN, as I’m in Czech now and my husband is in Kuwait, both thousands of kilometres away from each other; hoping to have at least the talk through messenger – but not even that is wished to us.
Ok, I take it more as a joke than really seriously, because I don’t believe Jinns could do so much things, not over spoiling thoughts and putting wrong ideas in the head, maybe. But, oh well, I’m still a noob, in the club only for several years, about … 9, 10 maybe. What is it against a born Muslim, who doesn’t doubt the spoiling tries of possessive female Jinns.
(But I still think the guy who told this to my husband should smoke less hashish. I mean, Jinns, OK; but knowing the sex and kind? That’s a lot of particular stuff, right? Too much, one might say.)

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