Skinny Stick or Chubby Muffin?

I always dreamt about being slim as a Jalapeno on a stick, and it was my goal, not a life aim, yet a nice goal to achieve. I managed to maintain size 34/36 (US chart 4) for the years of having no money, work, and no money and lotsa stress.
Now, as a satisfied housewife, I jumped to 38/40 (8), and my hair got much more better, skin doesn’t have pimples anymore, well, mostly; my moods are not swinging and I feel actually happy. My husband loves my body and I learnt to like myself too. I just so hate to throw away my old clothes, because my hips got twice as wide.
Now my question is, do men actually like skinny woman? Or do they prefer chubbiness? I like to persuade myself that men don’t go after those skinny ladies whose hip bones always go first and than enters the rest of theirs, breasts included; but am I right? Last days I gathered so many complimenting comments on pictures of ladies who have 40 to 50 kg, that I really don’t know anymore, where’s the average truth.
Naturally; skinny women shouldn’t be even attractive to a normal man as they are supposed by Mother Nature as the less fruitful, if I may write it in the fancy way; while normally fit or a bit chubby women have much more probabilities to carry successfully a baby, and not only one, but many, without problems; all from nature point of view, hence the instinct of an average man should lead to a woman, who has some curves, not many angles.
The society we live in seems to manage to do else wise, though, and persuades not only naturally insecure women, but now even many men. Who will be left now to tell us that our curves are sexy and that skinny chick is disgusting and sick?

Skinny girls are not Glamorous Girls

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