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Anonymous asked: Omg are you for real?? You not only admit to stealing other people’s hard work, but publicly boast about it? Next thing you publish will be traced and celebrated as well?? What then? Sell the prints?! Seriously this is exactly all that’s wrong with the art community these days. Stop copying like a thief and pay for proper art college like the rest of us.

I’m just going to leave these two random (but definitely two out of many, many teaching books) examples here:

↑  Pen&Ink Techniques – Frank Loha – ISBN 0-8092-7439-6  ↑

↑  Figure  Drawing for Artists – Making Every Mark Count – Steve Huston – ISBN  978-1-63159-065-8  ↑

As a side note, it’s hardly a thievery since not only I admit (as you have keenly noted) to copying, but I also provide either a link, or at least a source (artist/book/art) of my target practice.

As for a college degree…I am 32. A mother of three. Living in a country that doesn’t offer an art degree in college, or has a college for it in the first place, let alone for an expat housewife. And if it did, I wouldn’t be able to afford it.

But, lacking the proper education such a prodigy as you obviously gets together with an innate talent to draw everything without a reference…(how do you do that, actually? Do you…close your eyes while drawing, not to accidentally copy something from life?)…I try with the tools provided and available, by myself, be it by referencing, copying, and even, yes – oh, the horror – occasional tracing if I want to focus on, let’s say, crosshatching practice but do not want to dwell on straight lines for it first. It’s called practice and exercise for a reason, my dear child.

Now, that you don’t like it, I care not for. Simply move along and do not dwell on a lowly copy-cat blog such as mine. I’m sure you’re busy drawing reference-less masterpieces for your college art degree anyway.

May your strokes never falter,


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