Lady’s Purse

Did you ever wonder, what containes lady’s purse? What secrets can a woman hide inside, dark and all-eating space, in where is carried almost anything possible you can think of?
I don’t know how other ladies, but my ‘purse’ (it’s more like a bag, bought it in one ethno shop) doesn’t contain much things.
I carry there the following:

Pentax K20D with mounted 50mm.
One polarizer filter from Hoya.
Brush for cleaning the lenses.
One spare lens (18-250mm), just in case.
One lip bomb.
Mobile phone (that’s in case I don’t forget it on the nightstand.)
Health insurance cards of my daughter and me myself.
One paper napkin.
One sheet for cleaning glasses and camera LCD.
Few pounds scattered throughot the bag, in case I need to make a small expense and I’m too lazy to search for the wallet.
One wallet (if I know I go shopping, otherwise NOT – its big and heavy and doesn’t really nicely stuff inside with already big Pentax.)
Keys from the ground floor flat we live in.
One spare hijab pin.
And… in case of traveling outta country – one diaper and one book.
That’s about it… Not much secrets, right? :-)

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