Kiss the Rain

Kiss! Kiss!

Kissing the rain is a new discipline of ours. Well… actually, it just sounds like a cool name for an article and the face Dori makes is not a kiss but eventually disgusted face on my camera (“Oh mother, I didn’t hit puberty yet and you already gotta embarrass me?”).
So, no kissing of the rain, although it was partially rainy… the beautiful days went slowly away and the classic hazy, cloudy days of England came back. I call them “the chimney days” and quite understand the need of Englishmen having a chimney in every main room. Considering the amount of those inhospitable days in a year, I would love to lit a fire in our fake fireplaces and just enjoy the dancing flames and warmth coming out of it; with ours I can only take a lighter and lit a fire too, but in the gas heater the chimney contains. And that doesn’t sound romantic at all!

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