So I’ve found my alt saxophone.
It was hidden well under an old shelf, long time unused (the shelf I mean), and facing the wall and upside down, so not really easy to indentify on the first glance.
But, nevertheless, it was found.
I took it out of the shell and assembled it, and tried … well. I tried to play some tones. I did, actually. Not really a pleasant tone after so many years I haven’t touched any of those instruments. It’s been, let’s see, about – 5, 6 years?
So after blowing my lungs out for about 5 minutes on the golden honey I’ve felt like running a marathon; hardly catching any breath and my mouth trembling from pain in mimic muscles around the lips, being unused for this kind of activity for so long.
But I’ve found it! And it felt awesome. Like meeting an old, missed friend.
And inshallah, inshallah, I will be able to take it to Kuwait without losing it or breaking it on some lousy airport…
I’ve also noted a tragical drop in visits of my site. Sadly enough, most of the visits paid to my site are coming from other popular blogs based in Czech Republic (Nigeria, Manzelka, Dewberry) and these visitors seem to either not acknowledge English as worthwhile and close the site in the very second of opening it and noticing that bloody language I dare to use; or they simply don’t know English well (or at all) so they don’t bother to even try. So basically English = dead blog in the sphere I float.
I believe my English is really not hard to read (ok, I admit it might be hard to comprehend what I actually wanted to say by this or that, but vocabulary-wise) and so it happens I prefer to use it for my husband and english speaking friends and perhaps side of family can also enjoy some of my blabber.
So don’t throw away the site just because of the unstable language mind I’ve got; that’s just silly! :D


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