It’s Monday!

Lady Chickenpox is getting buried under pimples and blisters and doc told us we brought the sickness to the town (how could we, on my way from there we met an old acquittance of mine who was going to check these weird pimples on her daughter’s body… us, huh!), but other than the unbelievable number of red spots and dots on Dori she seems finally fine; after two wild nights though. We got white powder to calm the dots down and some pills for scratching so she won’t be left with scars on her face (poor babe got it even on her palms, lips and God knows where else it will pop up). We wanted to catch up with immunization schedule of Czech but this disrupted our plans and we will have to finish that in Kuwait, as her immune system right now is too weak to take any shots. Shame; might’ve been done before she gets to go to school.

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