I’m Starting to Have a Travel Fever…

… the only thing which it actually affected so far is my mood, though.
I got grumpier, I feel (a little bit) stressed.
Will I pack everything I need? Will we forget something? Will I forget to do something before we leave? Will hubby survive the few weeks without me? (Oh yeah I bet he will have fun, sleeping without being poked and disturbed, food he desires without my forcing to eat vegetables, no nagging about clothes and so on).
Will we catch the plane in time? Will we have successful departure? And what about on Heathrow, last time they held me during checks, hanging on my bag (‘No, ma’am, it’s not your bag there we got problem with… you say it’s the only one in X-Ray? Well, it’s not your bag we got problem with, just sit down and wait’). Will they recognise Dori on the passport photo? She’s so much older now. Will we land safely in Czech? I heard there’s snow everywhere.
And so on… Someone should really invent teleport!



  1. Hidden Hubby

    Though I might seem in a happy mood as always, but trust me the closer it gets the more anxious I become. Yes it might be true I would be able to sleep snoring as a chain saw, but waking up not finding you beside me depresses me. Not seeing Dori whispering to me that you are a sleep as if I did not know that, I will miss that. I hope and pray that you arrive safely and enjoy the trip that YOU wanted:P
    Love and Peace
    PS: who will wake me up for dawn prayer?? second wife?:P

  2. Post
  3. NQ

    Neboj, Budulín to přežije:)))
    Jen nevím, jestli se domů nevrátíte až v dubnu, sněhu tu je hafo a furt padá další… :)))

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