I Was Good Today!

I donated a whole 1£ to charity. Ain’t that awesome? (Sarcasm alert.)
But seriously. I did. I bought charity sweets, which I had to suspiciously enquire about in first – “Does it really go to the hospital?” – and now I’m enjoying really goooooooooood toffees. Real ones! No Toffifee caramel thingy, but toothache causing sweetness of sugary sirup covered in snow white sugar. Yeah! Sugar with sugar. Good for my nerves :D
If you feel like donating to the same cause, here’s their website, feel free to donate one time or regularly. There’s a whole bunch of similar charities in UK, so sometimes it’s hard to decide to who you wanna donate monthly, of course, in case you do want to. We are getting many visits from many sides, Red Cross, Pets in Need for Vets, various children-help-based charities and so on. If we actually donated to everyone, who passes by our door, 1£ per month, we won’t be left with any money to live. So… Great Ormond Street Hospital it is, for today.

I’ve also started to move, finally. I mean, I did move normaly, but since the flu season have arrived and we all are feeling it, as well as snowy-rainy days are bothering us, I’ve started to excercise. To get some flexibility back and keep the body prepared and … healthy. I’ve begun with yoga and have been looking for some t’ai chi lessons nearby, but nothing seemed to be the right choice for me, so I’m gonna stick with the body stretching and breaking :) That also made me finally use the television we got, to watch a “Body in Balace” programme. I feel kinda like an avatar in the Sims – watching fitness and cooking channels. Or, as I usually call it, I’m Stepfording.


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