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I Know, I Know…

Big gap in posts.
I just didn’t feel like writing anything. Maybe because I needed a bit of time to recover from the miscarriage; maybe because I found out I’m pregnant again, at this moment nearly 10 weeks, and started to randomly freak out about another miscarriage coming – alhamdulilah up to this point baby seems to be ok, though I am having not really pleasant time with my third pregnancy. Not counting the morning sickness or belly aches or migraines or sleeping like a polar bear… counting the fact that since 4 weeks of this pregnancy I keep on bleeding till this point and my awesome doctor refused to deal with it. Being in Britain and pregnant turned into a little nightmare and my last weeks in here kind of float around, though I had plenty of plans for outing, but adviced from Czech and kind of from my own healthy reasoning I decided to get plenty of rest till the risky first trimester passes by and I will be – at least partially – more on the safe side.
It once again disrupted my plans for going to Czech for summer till we move to Kuwait, because in the current situation it doesn’t seem to be much wise to travel here and there. So it seems I won’t see Czech neither my parents for many months, maybe years, if the baby comes… Put together with my stress from unreasonable doubts about successfully delivering a healthy baby, moving to another, totally foreign and unknown and very hot country, and people walking through our flat with reality agents, it doesn’t make me much successful blogger – and I don’t think pleasant to read neither.


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