Eid Mubarak, from Ovenhill to You

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Eid Mubarak, from Ovenhill to You

Went out (after a month spent indoors, because Ramadan) today; well, if checking our building and whether it still stands is counted as outing. It does stand, bar few bricks which got blown out from a part of the wall. As we’ve found out by a casual stroll through that brand new neighbourhood, a lot of the houses suffered from similar problem, all on one side, so we’ve simply assumed it has been cause by exceptionally strong wind – which isn’t impossible, considering it is still a deserted place and pretty much no trees mean it’s an open desert. Plenty of space for a strong wind to wreck havoc.
Also, totally lovely weather. Mid of summer is not a time for sandy walks. (Sand emanates heat!) 50°C in shade today. Feels like walking in a full blasting oven. No kidding. It actually tingles like it’s hurting my skin by the sheer warmth. Heat just pouring all over and around you. Not really a weather of my choice, if you ask me. I miss you, Newcastle, and your rainy, gloomy days.
It’s almost 11pm in the night and it’s still 42°C out behind the window.
Well, then.
Happy and blessed Eid al-Fitr to all who celebrate it!

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