Child on Board

Finally! After a year, well, almost a year, we are back in Czech. Not back as forever, of course – just holidays.
For my luck and un-luck Easy Jet finally and definitively withdrew the direct flight from N’Castle to Prague, so any more direct and simple (and quite short, to be perfectly honest) routes weren’t available. But … although paying more and having to go through Heathrow, London, I gotta say, that when the transit is within survivable period of time (ours was 2 hours), it is ok. The difference between charter flights and BA is simple – you can choose seats before boarding, hence no more elbowing, kneeling and drop kicking of other travellers trying to get seated at a nice spot; and food and drink is freely served at every flight of BA, by smiling and comfortably helpful staff. No more 3 pounds per cup of faucet water.
Well. How was the route, anyway? We were departing from Newcastle International Airport at 12:00 GMT, being 2 hours in advance on the airport itself. Not having any kind of liquids in my bag now (even I can learn after few tries, that it’s better to spend 1 pound for a small bottle of water at the lounge of the gate, than to get into hand of some eager staff member and get stripped from clothes and have the whole handbag unpacked in front of other people, shaming and bloody annoying, really), Dori having lotsa fun looking on the big air crafts leaving and landing and turning and trying to get as close to the building as possible. She made, more or less, approximately 12 new friends in those several hours, English ones as well as some American ones (Aboody: “Why can’t I be on a flight with many American girls heading to some sports event?”), and made my head almost explode from the amount of people turning to me with the inevitable question in their eyes: “What the heck is she talking about?”, helplessly pointing on the unstoppable mouth of the little daughter of mine.
With a little delay we landed in Prague at half past six pm, my father already waiting for us in the arrivals hall.
We spent another 2 hours in the car travelling from the Capital of Czech to the town where I used to live in southern Bohemia / Moravia, depends who you ask, where the town lays exactly.
We arrived at 9 pm, that’s about 11 hours after leaving our flat in Mowbray Street, sitting in the taxi heading to the airport and thinking, how much will I miss my hard-headed, hot-blooded Kuwaiti husband.
He’s leaving to Kuwait today, so I keep him in my thoughts all the time, hoping his route will be as easy it can be, considering a long flight from Britain to Dubai and than to Kuwait. And I took his PSP!

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