Yay! Finally we’ve managed to get the tickets for our trip back booked and inshallah by tomorrow at this hour I’ll be boarding a Emirati plane to Kuwait at Dubai airport.
emarati airlines
The same flight as always, long and exhausting trip counting over 12 hours and even more, but after soooo long I will be able to hug my husband again. I really dislike the idea of having to sit on the mid row with two other poeple, especially on the longer flight, but at least we’re moving now. Let’s hope it won’t be anyone un-behaved, stinky or drunk, as it happens so often.
Wish us the best, please, and a safe trip.
See y’all in Kuwait!

Stuck Waiting

Days flow like a sand through my fingers, all same, a copy & paste of each other now – Ramadan always changes the whole tempo of life, but being in Czech and alone changed it a lot. Well; it’s my first fasting in Czech Republic and besides the fact that I’ll probably eat a cow at once when I come back home (no halal meat nearby at this forgotten place), the summer days here are pretty long, understand, the light period of a day is damn long and thirsty; and yes, indeed I’m not physically alone, since I’m with my parents and sometimes with my bro and his GF here as well (who smirk very childishly at any mention of Muslim, Islam, or fasting – gosh, who of the sane mind would ever starve and thirst himself just to prove something as mere as self-discipline, and for so silly reasons such as the love of God! – but hey, I’m getting used to it again, the omnipresent misunderstanding and misconception of what I do believe in, not quite mentioning the fact that who believes in any kind of God or Greater Power in this country is deemed as completely nuts and weak. Dooh.).
So I’ve set my mind and body on sleeping late, getting up late, not biting my daughter in her butt when she’s innocently stuffing a doughnut under my nose throughout the course of the day, not swearing (hard sometimes!, I’m quite a bad mouth), and trying to invent telepathy or even better teleportation. One is obvious, second to put an annoying thought in the head of any officer handing our papers at the very moment, and that being that they’ve got to be done as soon as possible, yesterday was too late. Doesn’t work, so far, needless to say.

I’m waiting, waiting and waiting, for someone to finish it off already and let us back, because I miss my spouse so much it’s unbelievable, so much that my heart physically hurts when I think of how far apart we are and how long I didn’t put my ear on his chest and listen to his heartbeat.
Kiddo misses her daddy as well but due to the fact that she’s surrounded by rather new (to her) forests, meadows, rivers and inland summer and her loving grandparents, she’s not usually as sad and blue as I am. Which is good, ‘coz two depressed chicks would be rather a lot to take on.
So I fast alone and long after the closeness of my beloved one – yes, even now after years of marriage I’m still crazy in love and I can say I love him more and deeper than ever before – and hope that our jinnie took her holidays and I can see my obsidian-eyed, ebony-haired and kind-hearted husband before Eid Al-Fitr comes…

Sbírka úsporných, prakticky vyzkoušených předpisů a návodů, jak vařiti v malé domácnosti.

Už léta se snažím zjistit, kam se poděla zhruba stovka mých skic a kreseb z období střední školy i předtím, a naprosto náhodně podlehám pocitu, že mi to přeci pečliví rodičové nevyhodili, alébrž jen (ne)pěkně uschovali a na skicy se stále někde na naší půdě snáší milosrdný prach; pak se tedy vydávám po schodech do záhadného patra nad bytem, které je světem samo o sobě a jsou v něm ve všelikých krabicích i mimo ně poskládané knihy, papíry, korespondence i další perly naší rodiny za minulých zhruba sto dvacet let. Že se uprostřed pátrání po složce papírů velikosti A3 vždy přistihnu, jak pročítám a prolézám něco mnohem zajímavějšího, nevadí. Rozuměj, skicy mi velmi chybí a nepředstavitelně mne štve, že po nich není ani vidu, ani slechu (ovšem za předpokladu, že klidně ležící složka papírů by nějaké slyšitelné zvuky vydávala); ale je mnohem více fascinující vidět zdobný rukopis na obálkách adresovaných mému dědu (kterého jsem ani neměla tu čest poznat) z roku 1935, kdy byl v Praze váženým pánem, či pročítat obdobu dnešních nemravných Harlequinek ještě z konce 19. století; případně jako dnes se zmocnit kuchařinky bez data vydání (dle chytrých internétů byla ona kniha vydávána během obou světových válek i mezi nimi a těžko říct, kterého roku spatřila světlo světa ta má – tedy dle rukopisu babiččina, ale nyní již má – kniha).
Vzhledem k tomu, jak velmi odlišný způsob života vedeme dnes v porovnání s dobou před sedmdesáti léty (!), není na škodu nějaké tipy pro domácnost i mladé maminky předat dál – ať již pro zasmání, porovnání či načerpání dlouho zapomenutých mouder i nemouder.
Nehodlám samosebou přepisovat celou knihu, pouze citovat vybrané části.

Wet Summer

Almost since the day we came it keeps on raining in Czech – small drops, big drops, dense or here and there, misty or haily, that’s the weather we get. At least Dori’s not sorry that she can’t go out much yet. We started to go out short walks to forest now, but the rain comes sometimes quite surprisingly, even storms.

We usually take a short hike up the hill over the town, there eat a bit of peas from the field, and go back. It’s steep at least, so we can exercise a little bit. Not really much of a summer yet, with all that frowny skies we get 12 – 15 degrees of Celsius top, while in Kuwait is well over 40.
Gonna be a shocker coming back, I’m telling ya.

It’s Monday!

Lady Chickenpox is getting buried under pimples and blisters and doc told us we brought the sickness to the town (how could we, on my way from there we met an old acquittance of mine who was going to check these weird pimples on her daughter’s body… us, huh!), but other than the unbelievable number of red spots and dots on Dori she seems finally fine; after two wild nights though. We got white powder to calm the dots down and some pills for scratching so she won’t be left with scars on her face (poor babe got it even on her palms, lips and God knows where else it will pop up). We wanted to catch up with immunization schedule of Czech but this disrupted our plans and we will have to finish that in Kuwait, as her immune system right now is too weak to take any shots. Shame; might’ve been done before she gets to go to school.

Report from the Czech Front (Yes, we’re back!)

Well; we arrived at Czech on Friday evening after an exhausting trip, but alhamdulilah safe and sound. It’s summer in Czech so the temperature is around Kuwaiti winter or (that very short) spring, quite bearable even though there is no AC here. Dori’s enjoying her green trips now all around the little town, into the forest, watching leaves and trees and river; we caught some ducks as well as – to my very surprise – an otter in the pond here. Definitely some different stuff unlike in Kuwait. No more sand in places before unknown, few dried up bushes, thirst-suffering palm trees and some kind of durable broad-leaved tree which won’t give up even in the insane heats. We’ve got trees, rivers, meadows, animals, flies, bees, bugs, mosquitoes, ticks and other fun things in here.

Dandelion fun!

Worried otter

Virgin Maria praying for safety among building materials on the lower floor of our house. (Look at her, hijabi, they get everywhere these Muslim punks!)

So far I’ve just run few enquiries about my business here, half of which i know now, and other half yet to be asked and perhaps even solved. If that goes well I’ll have to run the stamping marathon again, now for two papers, but inshallah at that point it won’t be such a problem anymore. At least I know where to go and what to bring now, since it won’t be my first time, right… Like 50CZK stamp for Ministry of foreign affairs, which I didn’t know I should have, and had to run around the Prague Castle Court to find a post office which would be selling such a thing. I did, but I bet I’ve sweated down at least a kilo of my body weight.