O jazykové integritě

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Někde mezi 90ti procenty levelu 139 mé Force Bladerky v Cabalu (ano, jsem hráč, přiznávám) a odstraňováním dva dny starých špaget ze dna našich úžasně zelených talířů jsem si uvědomila, že veškeré mé pokusy o jazykovou celistvost mého internetového pseudozápisníčku jsou naprosto marné a tudíž bych se na to měla zvysoka ... vydlábnout. Koneckonců, můj papírový deníček, tedy spíše příležitostníček, je také bilingvní a nikdo mi do toho nekecá. Jediným problémem je tedy ona nedvoujazyčnost některých mých přátel, kteří sem čas od času páchnou, ale čert s tím. Víc mi dělá problém po dvou letech psaní na anglicko-arabském notebooku najít správné české znaky (což vysvětluje moji lenost psát v češtině, kdo by se s tou intepunkcí pořád otravoval; a psát v češtině bez interpunkce do článků mi přijde barbarské.)

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Skinny Stick or Chubby Muffin?

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I always dreamt about being slim as a Jalapeno on a stick, and it was my goal, not a life aim, yet a nice goal to achieve. I managed to maintain size 34/36 (US chart 4) for the years of having no money, work, and no money and lotsa stress. Now, as a satisfied housewife, I jumped to 38/40 (8), and my hair got much more better, skin doesn't have pimples anymore, well, mostly; my moods are not swinging and I feel actually happy. My husband loves my body and I learnt to like myself too. I just so hate to throw away my old clothes, because my hips got twice as wide.

Flickr Cleansing

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My contact list got cut in half; one piece got classified as a junk, second as inspiring, having potential, great talent or just really professional photographers. I got really, really pissed off when I saw certain people re-uploading one and only one picture of their, which was taken with mobile and the main subject of picture was something like "My awesome and cute eyes," "My new fingernails," "The piece of hijab, which should be covering my head, but slipped away," and this one picture having 5 pages of comments of "Awesome work, keep it up!", "Great talent, superb bokeh," and other pearls of hidden dating communication.

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So I was trying to find out what is mundane in photography. It seems to be another very used word except "bokeh", and as well I seem to be that last uneducated freak who doesn't really know what is that all about. I already found out, what is bokeh, and with that came up that most of the amateur photographers actually confuse bokeh for blur; maybe because it sounds cool, to have a great bokeh in the capture... So bokeh, the out-of-focus light things in the capture, with many things around it (like shape of it, number of blades in the used lens, the filling of the bokeh, border of the bokeh, many, many quite unimportant things when it comes to really great photography), bokeh is finally clear to me. But, what is mundane? I reckon something about everyday details of life, yet I'm not sure, as it seems again that many people just take that cool sounding word and place it with pictures which doesn't have much in common with the actual "mundane" thing...

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If only I could fly, I would spread my wings and follow those bubbles up to the sky

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If only I could fly, I would spread my wings and follow those bubbles up to the sky
I believe my sweet daughter might be thinking that; more, maybe she still believes she can fly. Just find the wings, the darned wings, where they are? The birds can fly, why shouldn't she? "Humans cannot fly, we do not have wings." We do, but only our imagination can make them spread wide open and carry us far, far away, to the worlds unseen, untouched, unknown. The faith, it can be enough for us to fly.

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Odd, you are Odd

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And they say, "Why did you marry him?", so what I should reply to those curious people? And are they even curious, or just asking to state a fact, "We don't like him." I am so sure you all do not, so what, do I really care? The world is so silly, not the world, the people, these terrible creatures of God. So what, do I care? Not at all, cut me some slack. Did you marry him to talk bad behind my back? Backbiting, that's how is it called, and that word sounds so true suddenly, feeling like small vicious demons jumping around with sharp teeth tearing our skin apart. Teeth, so sharp and poisonous, as the minds of the celebrated humans of my civilization; "The only free and true society," they say; and they hold their fingers crossed hidden in the dark, blending into the shadows, whispering, "It is a lie, it is a lie!"

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