Since 1991 when I went with my family to U.A.E after liberation of Kuwait. I was about 14yrs. My family bought me a small cassette player. I was in that phase of life when I followed the fashion which was really funny and whenever I remember i laugh and turn red from embarrassment. Anyways that is not the point. The point is when I received that cassette player I needed cassettes to listen to (duh!!) so I bought from a shop called Soul2Soul in Salmiyah in Kuwait (it is closed now as far as I know).

One of the songs that were in a mix and I liked very much was the one I did not know the name of and it was just for few seconds. All I remembered from it was “one more time, I did not know how much I loved you”. If you ask my Wife she will say i recite that quiet often. From that date till the 22nd of April 2009 I couldn’t nor were not able to find it. I was sitting with my wife listen to Coldplay Clocks. I mention that to her for the 2nd time as far as i recall. What made me post this is, Took me over 16years to find it and it took her no more than 10 seconds :S. I am shocked. She just looked at me while i started to recite it, started to type and she said are these are the words? I was o.O Oh My God, yeah. She said “there you go” its Timmy T one more try. one more try Listen to it, NOW!!!
That is all I have to say of this matter.

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Vidíš, a druhá žena by ti s tím pomohla.

Od nepaměti, tedy od doby, kdy znám Drahého Muže, mám na talíři potřebnou denní dávku “Vidíš, druhá manželka by se ti hned hodila,” pronášené velmi nadějeplným hlasem, že tedy konečně povolím (případně se konečně své směšné touhy po monogynním manželství s velkou slávou vzdám).
Když jsem se do (muta’a) sňatku s DM vrhala po hlavě, věděla jsem, že snad od narození touží po vícehlavém rodinném základě, a že k tomu i úspěšně mířil než mne potkal; tedy spíše do doby, než mne do chomoutu dostal. I tak má ve spíži stále zásobu převážně kuvajtských žen, které jsou ochotné se stát druhou ženou (“Druhou, čtvrtou, jen ne třetí!” – proč ne třetí, je mi stále ještě temným tajemstvím).

Nigeria je názoru, že druhá žena ano a klidně by do toho šla, pokud by její manžel nebyl proti – těžko soudit, jak by tomu bylo, kdyby James opravdu chtěl.
Já osobně proti polygynii víceméně nic nemám a během doby jsem se srovnala s faktem, že mám muže s touhou po větším stádě rodinném, a občas mám cuky mu tu ženu vybrat a “Get it over with;” ale moje česká, v zásadě tradičně románsky křesťanská výchova (ne, pocházím z ateistické rodiny, ale všichni víme, z čeho česká výchova k určitým hodnotám vychází), převáží a postaví se na štorc jako kobyla u překážky.
Tudíž moje věta: “Víš co, já vlastně – ” končí v polovině s myšlenkou mého, jen a jen mého manžela pravidelně snažícího se pojistit jméno rodu i s druhou ženou.
Ne, citově mi to opravdu nevadí. Nevidím v tom problém, ani co se soužití týče. Jediná věc, která mně zatím brání stát se Drahého Vysněnou Ženou ( = žena první, jež dovoluje a podporuje více manželek), je moje žárlivost, když přichází na “dělení”…

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My determination to get what I want

About three years back I asked on one Sims 2 modding forum, if they can make a nice mesh for some ‘modesty’ clothes, because although Sims have hundreds of thematical download sites, there’s almost nothing for Muslim families, if you create some. One piece of hijab and that’s where it ends.
For my luck, nobody ever reacted; and I decided to learn the meshing techniques and recolouring of Sims stuff with the determination that if nobody can help me, I will help myself.
Yesterday I started to go through long tutorials about meshing and recolouring, and after like 3 hours of nonstop work in Photoshop (where I’m not much skilled neither, lol) I came up with my very first recolour for my Sims! Yay.

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Ninio is Gay!

A funny news today popped out on Yahoo site before I redirected to my email;
About a young male elephant who at the time prefers male comrades over ladies of his species. Michal Grzes is bubbling in anger over the price of approximately £7.6 mill (37 mill zlotys) which were paid for the male piece to create a herd to carry out some offspring. How unpleasant event took place in Poznan.
But, don’t cry, Poland, there’s still a hope – Ninio is 10 years old and his sexual maturity comes in next 4 future years, so you can still hope!
In the end, which 10 years old human boy prefers hanging out with girls over having a nice home racing with formula car models with his male comrades, indeed.
And if so happens, that Ninio stays as he is, I believe that the fumed Michal Grzes can reach in his own pocket and start a ‘politicians only’ money collection for a new, straight male elephant. Try some religious countries!

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Honey, I Always Want to Order Out

Today I was roaming around the flat, randomly checking the freezer of our fridge, thinking what should I do for dinner. I suffer from this a lot, the I-can’t-really-decide-what’s-for-dinner syndrome; and I try to move the unbelievably hard and complicated decision on my husband, insanely insisting that he has to decide, not me, because I just wanna fulfill his mighty wish, of course. Sometimes I am successful, mostly not, as it seems that this illness is widely spreading in our family and affecting our everyday (dinner) life.
When I come with this inevitable question, “What do you want for dinner, love?”, my clever husband sees through my brain up to the neighbour’s window and replies without moving an inch of his calm face: “Do you want to order out?”
What can I say? Honey, I always want to order out. There’s no moment in my life when I will prefer spending hour and more of making a family dinner over sitting lazily on the sofa and waiting for other people to do my work.
But sometimes I am nice and I say, “No, I don’t really feel like ordering out,” although it’s most likely meaning: “Yes, I would love to do so, but I have to look as a nice housewife, hence I’m gonna cook.”
I don’t have any particular reason not to cook anyways, so I ran out of excuses right before I got any to use; I’m just incredibly appreciating any moment I don’t really need to move a muscle.

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Gettin’ it done

Tired from long walk to City Council registrar office in the town center, Dori was extremely quiet and nice today. Funny fact is, that she didn’t walk at all, we took a carriage, just in case, and she didn’t move from it ever since.
The visit of civic center was finally a bit positive in our case, because we seem to come across a person who doesn’t request insane things (or unneeded, we were said we need an approval from immigration office, which costs 300£, not a really small amount for our budget nowadays, and than we were confirmed later on by embassy as well as officials of Britain that the person requesting that paper doesn’t have the proper right to perform with it anyways, so he shouldn’t have request that in a first place.), and who is helpful; eventually willing from his position help us get through the difficulties we are facing when it comes to realizing everything to be official. Inshallah it will finally all go through, because we both, me and Aboody, are getting really tired and bothered from all the countries acting up and throwing painful branches under our toes just because of a really simple act.
We, though, will have to pay another not-so-small amount of money for official ceremony, because the law of United Kingdom states that a ceremony is required and a simple notary act can be done only for registered couples, which we definitely aren’t. Lucky us.

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