Some Reasons…

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… why I do love my husband so much. He is just adorable. His smile, his eyes, his spirit. He tolerates my moods, even the dangers of PMS. He brings me Kinder Bueno when I PMS, knowing I will eat [...]

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How Do I Smell, Honey?

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About half a year ago I used on myself that new, fabulous perfume my husband brought me from Kuwait. It smells wonderful – tender floral aroma. I came to the livingroom, where was residing my beloved half, and innocently asked: [...]

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Drahá Rodina

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Neboť se blíží všemi oslavované (obzvláště majitelé všelikých velikých obchodů) a ekonomicky ruinující období roku, většině lidstva známé pod pojmem Vánoce a Advent, optala se má rodina sídlící v ČR, zda si probojujeme cestu na pár dní zpět do země rodné a oblažíme naše okolí špetkou multikulturality.

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Lady’s Purse

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Did you ever wonder, what containes lady's purse? What secrets can a woman hide inside, dark and all-eating space, in where is carried almost anything possible you can think of? I don't know how other ladies, but my 'purse' (it's more like a bag, bought it in one ethno shop) doesn't contain much things. I carry there the following:

Why do muffins stick to case?

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Now when going through the usual keyphrases looked for on my blog, digging through hundreds of searches how to purge to get skinny and sayings of Imams, I came across one funny search."Why do muffins stick to case?", is asking unknown person.Well, that's an interesting observation. They might stick to case because they are made from sticky material, as the dough for muffin contains a lot of soft butter and sugar, often tipped by some other stuff around, sugar, chocolate, marmelade, and when not kept in very dry and cold environment, they tend to become very sticky... hence to befriend the case they are carried in too much and leave some pieces behind, when being picked up.Ps.: Who wants to bake some, as I know in CZ it is not so easy to get good already done and ready to be bought, here are some recipes.

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The Feminized Western Men

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Not so long ago, few days back actually, I was at a hairdresser, making her go nuts over my husbands idea have me blond again, because although I'm ash blond naturally, he previously desired a brunette and I made him happy. It is, though, much easier to turn a blond into a brunette than a brunette back into a blond. As I had few hours to spare while she was trying not to burn my hair away, I had enough time to go through all those magazines for women with zero informations and a lot of gossip, which I normally don't even think of looking in, but, oh well, I was really bored and falling asleep with had full of aluminium wasn't my imagination of a proper visit. Although those magazines always contain a lot of stuff nobody needs to know, it caught my eye on one - really obvious, but I'm always late in those - problems; and that is the water pollution.

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