Christmas Aftermath, Boxing Day & New Feature of the Site

Well, I can’t really say we’ve got any Christmas aftermath, as we actually didn’t have any Christams in the sense of traditional tree, presents, fish (carp, eventually – I really never liked it, this muddy structure of the meat is just gooweee, so sue me!), all the hugging and kissing under the lamp with hanging mistletoe… we just had a bit of its atmosphere, mixed with the mourning of Ashura (which starts officially today), so kinda strange, I gotta say.
Tomorrow is a Boxing Day in UK, all the shops will be opened since the very morning and will be offering discounts starting at 50% and ending at 90% off the price, I wanted to drag my hubby to Marks&Spencer as we got £50 vouchers for this shop for being customers of Sky (Now tell me, which internet and TV provider in Czech will give you equivallent of 1500 CzK just to thank you you are his customer? Not mentioning, that clothing is cheaper in here than in CZ when it comes to brands.) After giving it a thought we’ve decided not to go though, as the Boxing Day is something extremely popular and hence very crowded. Why having so much stress just to get a damn discount, huh?
I can, however, imagine the impact of something like a Boxing Day implemented in Czech – a lot of dead seniors and discount-craving-monsters elbowing each other in the faces just to get the cheapest brand! Am I being a meanie towards my own nation? I supposse I am a little bit – but there’s no smoke without fire, right?

Perhaps I’m Getting Older

Why? Simply because I don’t feel so comfortable with re-adapting to new situations anymore. No, I don’t mean changing the daily schedule, but moving out and in – flat, town, country, life.
Within two and half years I’ve got used to the thought that we will reside in Britain for given period of time (three years) and than we will move on to different country and start over somewhere else. Eventually, I will be the one starting over, as for hubby it is just moving back home. But that’s not the issue.
As the period of time is almost over (ok, ok, I know I’m freaking out prematurely, it is still few months), my mind randomly wanders to the ends “what will – if will – what if – how to – whyyyyy?” related to moving outta Britain and getting settled in Kuwait. I’ve got, during the time, quite used to that idea though, and my mind have just locked onto it, not much willing to go off the set up route anymore. Not like I really find peace and safety in this moving – it really, widly scares the heck outta me. But, in spite of my stubborn tries never to plan anything or it will get destroyed / smacked down / lifted up and shattered into tiny bitsy pieces, my mind’ve got into those small planning steps such as: I wanna have a pool in the house or I wanna have this or that over there, and generally I’ve just got comfortable with the fact that this is the inevitable future and it’s better to get along than to try to fight the unknown. Right?
To add some spice to the life Abood came recently home suggesting he will try to get his PhD. (which I supposse as a good idea), and that might be in Australia. “Australia?!!” – came to my mind, numbing the feeling in my fingers and stopping my brain full of swimming pools and creamy walls of the kuwaiti house we don’t have yet and won’t have for quite some time even if we get to the desert right now; “Australia!”, the completely other end of the world, winter in summer and summer in winter, new people, new town, new life, new adapting? “God, no way!” – that all has been going through my empty head (at the time full of these thoughts). Hubby, probably feeling the overwhelming wave of pure panic eating me inside out, have replied quite promptly: “Or maybe here in Britain,” and it actually have stopped the urge to run around screaming absurdly till my body and lungs go numb; but the soothing power of the word Britain – something familiar, something I’m quite wont to cooperate with and live in, vaporized in few hours and than only one thought kept on repeating in my head – 3 years, new 3 years, I’ll be 28 by than, where’s that Abbas thing and the house and moving and getting used to desert and stuff like that? Where’d it all go?

Frivolností netřeba…?

Tento prosinec je prostě podivný. A nemyslím tím pouze prapodivně předělané klasické kreslené Disneovky do 3D – takový Medvídek Pooh je trojrozměrná zhůvěřilost, která by se měla trestat, kdyby to nebyl přímo Disney, kdo to do té příšernosti předělal (že by “děti moderního věku” neměly okem zavadit o krásné originální kousky a raději sledovaly neumělé předělání v Maye či 3DMax? Ještě, že Dori dává přednost kresleným věcem).
Dvanáctý měsíc tohoto roku se mi jeví tak nějak neskutečný, neboť kromě kulturně vštěpeného “joyful, joyful time” se s Adventem sešel islámský měsíc Muharram. Co to znamená? Inu, nový rok pro Muslimy, ale konkrétně v našem případě také měsíc smutku, neb v tomto měsíci byl velmi nepěkným způsobem usmrcen třetí Imám Hussain (a.s.) spolu s většinou jeho rodiny a následovníků; je to měsíc, kdy některé ženy z jeho skupiny byly donuceny podniknout vyčerpávající pouť pouští do Sýrie; je to měsíc, kdy několikaměsíční syn byl usmrcen v náručí matky jen proto, že byl krevně příbuzný s Hussainem a mužským potomkem; je to měsíc, kdy celá komunita Ší’itských Muslimů drží smutek a připomíná si události oné doby, aby nezapomněli, aby pamatovali, aby nesli vzkaz pro své potomky a přátele a sjednotili se ve svém pláči. Je to měsíc, kdy nezůstane oko suché a kdy muži jsou hrdí na své slzy. Jeden z mnoha příběhů doby, které se intenzivně připomínají během tohoto měsíce (a o něco méně celý další měsíc, pro ty pobožnější), je příběh Sukejny.


色は匂へど 散りぬるを
我が世誰ぞ 常ならん
有為の奥山 今日越えて
浅き夢見じ 酔ひもせず

Although its scent still lingers on
the form of a flower has scattered away
For whom will the glory
of this world remain unchanged?
Arriving today at the yonder side
of the deep mountains of evanescent existence
We shall never allow ourselves to drift away
intoxicated, in the world of shallow dreams.

Happy Birthday To Me

So, I’m officialy 25 today. Still young, right?
Dear hubby brought me a yummy cake and prepared it as a surprise for me in the kitchen, leading me in there blind .. well, not folded, but with covered eyes. Sweet surprise and awesome hubby I got!
Unsettled, I’m still trying to find the right looks for the blog. Hard to decide! I want a minimalistic design, that’s the only lead Ive got for now. I’ve stuffed few of my photographs to rotate in the header; to make it a bit more ‘personal and mine’, so lets hope I’m gonna stick with this for a while, maybe?