A o tom, jak to vše skončilo…

… vzhledem k množství a struktuře krve, která se ze mě od rána valí, lze bezpečně konstatovat, že po několika proplakaných hodinách a telefonech na NHS se děťátko odkládá na neurčito, neboť tohle prostě přežít nemohlo.
Ve čtvrtek (ano, skoro až za celý týden) mě zkontrolují na ženské jednotce v Royal Victoria Infirmary a toť vše, přátelé…
Asi se na chvíli odmlčím, ačkoliv je možné, že mne naopak přepadne potřeba dělat cokoliv, i kdyby to bylo blogovat nonstop o prkotinách, hlavně, aby se už nebrečelo…

Image courtesy to Anyarr

So Much Snow! And No Snowmen Around.

Snow is everywhere.
It’s a heavy white blanket covering all the area we are in, and it doesn’t take it easy on the human race. It’s cold and omnipresent and still falling from above. It makes the walking a small challange and driving a car a bigger risk.
It makes the children happy and all elderly horrified; it brings joy and broken bones.
It’s here and doesn’t go away!



I’m Starting to Have a Travel Fever…

… the only thing which it actually affected so far is my mood, though.
I got grumpier, I feel (a little bit) stressed.
Will I pack everything I need? Will we forget something? Will I forget to do something before we leave? Will hubby survive the few weeks without me? (Oh yeah I bet he will have fun, sleeping without being poked and disturbed, food he desires without my forcing to eat vegetables, no nagging about clothes and so on).
Will we catch the plane in time? Will we have successful departure? And what about on Heathrow, last time they held me during checks, hanging on my bag (‘No, ma’am, it’s not your bag there we got problem with… you say it’s the only one in X-Ray? Well, it’s not your bag we got problem with, just sit down and wait’). Will they recognise Dori on the passport photo? She’s so much older now. Will we land safely in Czech? I heard there’s snow everywhere.
And so on… Someone should really invent teleport!


One Week

One week till we fly to Czech for short holidays.
Only me and Dori, hubby stays at home in Britain. God knows what he will do. Snow fell once again on Newcastle as a silencing blanket, just overnight the temperature dropped about 10 degrees. One day sunny and fun, second a layer of about 10 cm snow everywhere. Fun for children, I guess though.
To make me feel calm and happy with flying we are watching National Geographic series “Airplane crashes investigations” or somehow like that, general idea is airplanes falling down killing people and such catastrophic scenarios (actually, things which happened). Comforting, indeed.