When Did We Get Such a Big Flat?

At least, it became much bigger after our housekeeper’s contract ended and I did not wish for a new one. Meaning, to my husband’s standards, I have to clean every day, with an exception of Friday which I attempt to claim as my free day. (Like, it’s so possible with kids.)

By cleaning, I mean the whole nine yards. Vacuum, mop, dust, dishes, ironing, washing, polishing, desinfecting, littering, cooking, putting kids to sleep, shouting at kids not to play with this and that and being ignored right away, and so on.
It can become exhausting if Mr. Pickles doesn’t grant me a good night sleep – luckily, alhamdulilah, this is more rare of occurrence nowadays than it used to be. So yes, on occasion I’ll crawl out of the bed feeling like a roadkill, not really so joyous over the ordeal upon me; mostly though I am fine and re-adapted quickly.
It’s just Mr. Pickles, who does the whole thing complicated, really. Either he screams his lungs out being restricted to my room only, making my sisters in law message my husband at work why the hell is that toddler crying so much and whether is he being eaten alive by our three cats, or he wrecks havoc all over the house. In the latter case he’s happy, that is true; me less however. It’s like cleaning with a tornado behind my back; I turn and see whatever has been done, has been undone. And worse, rather often. He also took a great liking in plugs, trash cans, cat litter boxes, Dettol bottles, vacuum cleaner wrong ends and other child unfriendly but awfully fun things. What’s child friendly is gruesomely boring, he says.

A Ram Sam Sam

…guli, guli, guli, guli, guli ram sam sam… (A-nooo-yiiing annoying..)
Not gone crazy yet, just re-playing this kids song in my head over and over and over since I’ve heard it.
Mr. Pickles’ new favourite. God bless him and his little taste in music. Here he is, finally back on track with weight and height, delightful average in charts. Hate them charts.

On a side note, I’ve been backing up the site for bigger platform update and have gone through some stats. Amazing stuff. Most searched phrases leading to this blog include: hijab whores (wow!), how to make rahash arabic sweet from kuwait (something with sesame seeds grinded and honey and… I don’t know, I just eat it ☺ ), skinny girls are not glamorous (yap!), face kissing (…uhm?), he already mentioned a third date (ok…), kuwait car stuck up palm tree (really, I don’t get surprised anymore), arab women ugly (na-a!), cholesterol level in kuwait (high!), vyvářka kotlů (wait… that’s in czech and not relevant to me at all?) and many others. None really any way connected to this blog.