Christmas Aftermath, Boxing Day & New Feature of the Site

Well, I can’t really say we’ve got any Christmas aftermath, as we actually didn’t have any Christams in the sense of traditional tree, presents, fish (carp, eventually – I really never liked it, this muddy structure of the meat is just gooweee, so sue me!), all the hugging and kissing under the lamp with hanging mistletoe… we just had a bit of its atmosphere, mixed with the mourning of Ashura (which starts officially today), so kinda strange, I gotta say.
Tomorrow is a Boxing Day in UK, all the shops will be opened since the very morning and will be offering discounts starting at 50% and ending at 90% off the price, I wanted to drag my hubby to Marks&Spencer as we got £50 vouchers for this shop for being customers of Sky (Now tell me, which internet and TV provider in Czech will give you equivallent of 1500 CzK just to thank you you are his customer? Not mentioning, that clothing is cheaper in here than in CZ when it comes to brands.) After giving it a thought we’ve decided not to go though, as the Boxing Day is something extremely popular and hence very crowded. Why having so much stress just to get a damn discount, huh?
I can, however, imagine the impact of something like a Boxing Day implemented in Czech – a lot of dead seniors and discount-craving-monsters elbowing each other in the faces just to get the cheapest brand! Am I being a meanie towards my own nation? I supposse I am a little bit – but there’s no smoke without fire, right?

Let It Snow!

It kept on snowing throughout the night and this is what we have woken up into. It actually managed to survive the whole day, and some a bit snow-crazy english people took slides and went to try to slide on the poor grass in the park; when it didn’t go well, they just moved on the actual path and nicely slided it till ice for all the normal people who wanted to walk and not on the grass… Newcastle seems to go quite mad whenever any snow appears as it is not much common in here (maximally few days during the winter), so when the snow actually lands, all the families and kids and youth flood out of the homes and head towards all possible parks, green and flat areas and try to slide down, no matter how short, bumpy and green the thing is. That’s some spirit! (But I hear the grass crying, though.)

Heaton under Snow, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Strange Tastes, Extraordinary Order and Mist around the Angel of the North


I’ve always wondered what tastes can people from other countries get; what do they like and what do they eat and what won’t they ever put in their mouths. Interesting topic, unfortunately only a little bit tied to the country of origin, more to the person him/herself.
Me and Abood got some of ‘our’ tastes though; and they are, indeed, strange for the other one. I’ve got used to the fact I make sometimes for the breakfast bread with strawberry / blueberry / blackberry jam and toast cheese. Weird, isn’t it? I mean, I would never, ever combine sweet marmelade with salty cheese in one meal! Odd taste.
But… than I’ve remembered that I got my own weird thing to eat, at least in the eyes of my husband, and that is bread with butter and leek. Yeah! You read right; I might not bite on onions as my brother does, but I stuff fresh leek in my sandwich. So I guess we can call it fifty fifty. Me and my contraception sandwich (you can imagine the breath after that, right?); and Abood and his saltsweet toast. Oh yeah, sometimes I also heat up the cheese for it, so it will be melty. Yummy!




So seem to be all the days now. Mainly below 5 degrees of C., and this kind of humidy-crawling and creeping cold everywhere. Waking up in the morning means having fingers on feet turn purple from the unwelcoming tiles of kitchen; and doing hot, warming tea seems to be such an impossible task – but so rewarding, when one finally brings the cups into the living room, which has a high fibre carpet and it’s a little bit more bearable in the morning than the coldness of a kitchen area facing the bloody north-east. Beautiful mornings with sun beams shining through the glass of the kitchen door; but the beams don’t warm up at all.
Showering means leaving the shower on for some time before you can step under it, unless you like the quick way of waking up in the morning; and I certainly don’t. Perhaps the real english men do so. Or maybe they’ve just got used to it.
Our millipedia problem got solved by it, though; as well as all the snails are winter-sleeping.
The only slight uncomfort comes from the fact that we don’t really own the proper amount of sweaters for home; neither a suitable jacket for outing. I should check John Lewis for some, I guess, so we can get out more. Not like we got much sunny days now; winter came with full power and though it doesn’t announce itself with snow as in Czech, it still is ubiqutous and we can feel it to the tips of our fingers.


The Day We All Learnt to Fly

The Day We All Learnt to Fly

Since I’ve started to read books from library once again I also have had to start to pay attention to the dates I need to return them – or else. (Or else its one pound per book per day, that quite makes me keep the dates.)
Today was, quite unfortunately, the last day I had available to go up to the Byker branch and return four books I’ve borrowed from there (or else), hence I had to go even if the weather forecast had been such as falling llamas; I have to say that it’s really close to that, though – looking from the window and remembering the flying on my newly grown wings (made from jilbab).
Very, very unpleasant wind and losing balance in it with my plus minus 60 kg I can’t really imagine how my 12 kg daughter felt like – but she surely grabbed on my hand often very tightly. Uncommon in these days of “ME MYSELF!”, but not as shocking considering the flying trash cans in the back streets.
So, whoever always dreamt of flying without wings – come up to Newcastle today, we guarantee you a really exciting experience! (Try to avoid a head bump to a double-decker, I dare you.)

PS.: Very essenatial information for most people (sarcasm alert) – the photography is taken with my brand new again-older-than-me lens I’ve purchased on eBay. Smc Pentax-M 28mm, f/2.8. On DSLR not really a wide angle, but I’m learning to co-op with it. And I’m starting to love it as my new-old 50mm. God bless Pentax for making cameras able to mount very old lenses on very new bodies!

Morning Walk and Recent Days

Yeah. I won the fight with my laziness (and migraines) and actually took my butt outta the pit of our house, to take Dori on a walk, and we decided to go to the sea. No big traveling, just 20 minutes by metro to the seaside.
Due to early hours of the day (at least for Britain) and the fact it was Monday, most of the places were empty – best time of day for me, personally.
We had some fun on the beach, Dori exploring something quite new for her (and she started to like the waves too much, for the weather it was, I say), me just having fun with camera after a while I didn’t take any pictures at all. Wasn’t in the right mood for that, I guess.

Dori at the Beach