Kiss the Rain

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Kiss! Kiss!
Kissing the rain is a new discipline of ours. Well... actually, it just sounds like a cool name for an article and the face Dori makes is not a kiss but eventually disgusted face on my camera ("Oh mother, I didn't hit puberty yet and you already gotta embarrass me?"). So, no kissing of the rain, although it was partially rainy... the beautiful days went slowly away and the classic hazy, cloudy days of England came back. I call them "the chimney days" and quite understand the need of Englishmen having a chimney in every main room. Considering the amount of those inhospitable days in a year, I would love to lit a fire in our fake fireplaces and just enjoy the dancing flames and warmth coming out of it; with ours I can only take a lighter and lit a fire too, but in the gas heater the chimney contains. And that doesn't sound romantic at all!

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Další z krásných slunečných a větrných dnů. Neodolám a beru Dori do parku teď každý den, ačkoliv vím, že by si spíš měla hrát na nějaké organizované skupince s ostatními dětmi, ale Bůh ví, jak dlouho tohle počasí vydrží. Skupinky jsou lepší pro deštivé dny, a těch tu máme také požehnaně... Žádní Indové dnes v parku negrilovali, možná to bude tím, že je pondělí a my byli v Heaton Parku v poledne, kdy většina normálních lidí v produktivním věku pracuje, a tak jsme v parku narazili jen na mimina a děcka, co zahýbali za školu.

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Barbecue Days

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Care to sit?
In Newcastle we have two types of barbecue days. One, the ideal, first type, is sunny and almost not windy. That, however, occurs quite rarely and not much people are willing to wait long enough to get it. That's where the second barbecue day comes into the picture.

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Happy 3rd birthday!

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Birthday Bath
So my little baby turns 3 years today; oh my, oh my, the time just flies by... It feels just like a short while ago I could carry her around on one hand, now she runs around as quick as me. May God bless her.Můj malý andílek je dnes již větší, o další rok, hrozně to letí, děti rostou tak moc rychle... Mám pocit, jako by to bylo včera, kdy jsem ji chovala v jedné ruce, malinkou, a dnes sama běhá okolo a pokřikuje na nás ve třech jazycích, i když tedy nedokonale :)

Sometimes I wish I could go back to the Innocence of Childhood

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Potty Training
Said my husband today; thinking about his sweet age and comparing it with nostalgic look in his beautiful black eyes with the presence, problematic, hard, complicated, not easy and carefree as it used to be 25 years ago... The age, when you are praised for what is obviosity now; the age, when you could feel trouble-free, because your parent took care of everything; the age, when you could do excesses and people would find it cute, not crazy and irresponsible.

Gettin’ it done

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Tired from long walk to City Council registrar office in the town center, Dori was extremely quiet and nice today. Funny fact is, that she didn't walk at all, we took a carriage, just in case, and she didn't move from it ever since.

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