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Unfortunately not really with money but more like with lotsa boxes. They are stocked in my way to the bed in bedroom - wonder why. Tomorrow we wil call the transporting company and than pray for few days that they [...]

Purse it!

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Somewhere in between folding clothes I decided that I don't want anymore and digging through the stacks of stuff on the floor I stopped and realized that yesterday night I played around wet felting, and tried to make a piece [...]

Crabby Worries

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Abu is in London now and I'm sitting in a living room, watching Dumbo with my daughter and avoiding the look at the side of the room, where a huge stack of empty cartoon boxes is waiting for me to [...]

Getting it Prepared

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Hubby leaves to London tomorrow to pick up our accidentally-allowed tourist visas with a fine hope of legalising our stay in Kuwait later on, during the three months of their duration, and was half packing (for moving) and half picking [...]

In 5 Years?

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Maybe... hehe. When I showed this creation from wool roving to my dearest husband, he, very mysteriously, didn't seem to share my sense of humour - be it the grey strikes in his caricature hair or the fact I woke [...]