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Má-li se něco podělat, pak s chutí a pořádně

By | 2017-03-14T18:52:57+00:00 July 10th, 2009|From Czech|

Tož vám také nikdy nic nevychází, tak jak má, když si vše pěkně pečlivě naplánujete? Tenhle rok je pro naše plány prostá katastrofa; nic se nám nedaří vyřídit, dodělat ani rozdělat, já tvrdím, že plánovat se nemá, protože pak nikdy nic dobře nevyjde. Ale manžel neposlechl a plánoval a teď to tu máme - ne tedy, že by to byla jeho chyba - vše pěkně nalinkované se nám z linek rozsypalo a nám se nedaří věci nacpat zpět do vyměřených linií. Sňatek je zatím platný pouze na území Velké Británie a většiny států EU, Čechy se uznáním dokumentu platného dle Haagské dohody neobtěžují a vyžadují hromadu papírování a nejlépe osobní přítomnost obou manželů na zvláštní matrice v Brně - ne v Praze, hezky cestovatelům při ruce, když už k tomu dojde, ale náramně z ruky v Brně; vzhledem k tomu, že pobývám na Vysočině, nic při ruce stejně nemám, kromě lidské hlouposti a neochoty.

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Definitively Cloudy

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Our second week in Czech is still very cloudy and storms are coming on daily basis. Raining outside, and raining inside - if I can call the flood of problems which just coming and coming and coming towards us. Nothing at all got solved so far as new hurdles just stand in our way; but hopefully we are slowly crawling to some solutions in a month or two. We gave up the try to have it all smoothly and quickly done - apparently it's not in the dictionaries of our governments. The days in Czech are long and wet now, full of strange looks and whispers, hard to not to notice me I presume; I got already used to it but I guess I feel often offended as it was referred to me recently as rather grumpy faced. Well I could as well refer to some poeple as very naive, when they think I can't hear through hijab at all.

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By | 2017-08-05T21:58:59+00:00 June 28th, 2009|From Czech, Thoughts|

This is, officially, our third day in Czech so far. Well, if I may count in the day of our arrival, as it was really just few tired hours before the next day came, indeed. But, oh well - third day. Dori, my daughter, seems to adapt very quickly, at least when it comes to knowing who will spoil her and allow more things than her bad, bad mama, who tries to say very loud and strict "No," on most of her demands, such as chocolate during the day just like that, cocoa milk for breakfast instead of our normal custom when she gets it just after the dinner, if she was behaving nicely the whole day and ate her whole dinner; also she knows that random outbursts of crying will now bring her intended attention from at least two people in the house; hence during last ~50 hours I became the least favourited member of the family, who is used only for feeding, peeing and occasional drop of a kiss - so the peeing and feeding won't accidentally stop.

Child on Board

By | 2017-08-05T21:58:59+00:00 June 26th, 2009|From Czech|

Finally! After a year, well, almost a year, we are back in Czech. Not back as forever, of course - just holidays. For my luck and un-luck Easy Jet finally and definitively withdrew the direct flight from N'Castle to Prague, so any more direct and simple (and quite short, to be perfectly honest) routes weren't available. But ... although paying more and having to go through Heathrow, London, I gotta say, that when the transit is within survivable period of time (ours was 2 hours), it is ok. The difference between charter flights and BA is simple - you can choose seats before boarding, hence no more elbowing, kneeling and drop kicking of other travellers trying to get seated at a nice spot; and food and drink is freely served at every flight of BA, by smiling and comfortably helpful staff. No more 3 pounds per cup of faucet water.

Let the old hag die! / Jen ať si chcípne, baba jedna!

By | 2017-08-05T21:59:01+00:00 April 26th, 2009|From Czech|

[EN] "I really dislike old people who annoy all the time a they don't understand to anything etc. I go home with my dog and I see at the entrance an old witch and she says where does this Novak live (I guess the witch is from them) so I tell her at the ground floor (she told me at the entrance already that nobody answers her, does he, my judgment is they weren't at home) so I let her in and go home - first floor. Now I hear how she totters and knocks on our door!! My mum opens the door and that idiot asks where does Novak live :-D So my mum patiently answers her one floor below this one. (that hag didn't get it or what but I got some nerves from how stupid she is that she doesn't understand that if nobody answers they are most likely NOT AT HOME...) so I'm in my room the window wide open and I hear that old hag somewhere below the window how she most likely asks somebody where does Novak live :-D Wouldn't you just kill her?" Discussion on

Very motivating and educative picture on undies for 3 years old girls

By | 2017-08-05T21:59:02+00:00 April 16th, 2009|From Czech|

Very motivating and educative picture on undies for 3 years old girls; bought in Czech Rep.
This came today from Czech from my mum for my daughter; my mum didn't have any idea about the quite disturbing picture on the panties. When we unpacked it we didn't really know if we should laugh, how ridiculous can the distributor be; or cry over the state of society we got, since this situation is presented to children of 3 years of age as totally normal and acceptable... (or maybe as a hint hint?)

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