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  So seem to be all the days now. Mainly below 5 degrees of C., and this kind of humidy-crawling and creeping cold everywhere. Waking up in the morning means having fingers on feet turn purple from the unwelcoming tiles [...]

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How Do I Smell, Honey?

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About half a year ago I used on myself that new, fabulous perfume my husband brought me from Kuwait. It smells wonderful – tender floral aroma. I came to the livingroom, where was residing my beloved half, and innocently asked: [...]

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The Day We All Learnt to Fly

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The Day We All Learnt to FlySince I've started to read books from library once again I also have had to start to pay attention to the dates I need to return them - or else. (Or else its one pound per book per day, that quite makes me keep the dates.) Today was, quite unfortunately, the last day I had available to go up to the Byker branch and return four books I've borrowed from there (or else), hence I had to go even if the weather forecast had been such as falling llamas; I have to say that it's really close to that, though - looking from the window and remembering the flying on my newly grown wings (made from jilbab).

Morning Walk and Recent Days

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Yeah. I won the fight with my laziness (and migraines) and actually took my butt outta the pit of our house, to take Dori on a walk, and we decided to go to the sea. No big traveling, just 20 minutes by metro to the seaside. Due to early hours of the day (at least for Britain) and the fact it was Monday, most of the places were empty - best time of day for me, personally. We had some fun on the beach, Dori exploring something quite new for her (and she started to like the waves too much, for the weather it was, I say), me just having fun with camera after a while I didn't take any pictures at all. Wasn't in the right mood for that, I guess.

Dori at the Beach

Virgin Media: Powerful Incompetence

By | 2017-08-05T21:58:59+00:00 November 5th, 2009|From Britain|

The internet service provider for a big part of Britain has a widely spread advertisement: Powerful Stuff. It promises broadband of nice download limits (we personally pay for XL package, supposedly 20Mb which we never got, but, oh well), nice upload, TV and phone line; package of powerful stuff. We bought it - and started to use XL package, 20Mb download, not so bad fair user policy. Virgin was serving ok for nearly two years. Occasional problems with lag usually solved in few hours. But... When a problem occurred, Virgin has shown it's real face. Crap support, crap service, crap excuses. Our internet connection is literally worse than dial-up for about a month already. It randomly even disconnects, just for sure. Pings to close servers end up in time outs mostly. When they manage to go through, the show catastrophic numbers of 1000+ ping within the island, package loss in most of the cases over 10%. First call, maintenance.


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Fall ICold days (maximum up to 10 degrees Celsius at the time) came and I had to revamp my daughter's wardrobe, since she's nice prospering girl and clothes for 2,5 year aren't really much for 3,5 year old girl anymore; so I ordered few fall pieces from John Lewis. She looks so sweet in it, as always. We are still on hunt for a place in nursery, which seem to be all full at the time (and we certainly can't afford to pay 200£ per week of paid nursery).