Can a Plane Make a Wheelie?

Can it?
I had that question in my mind when landing in Prague, snowing, hazy weather and freezing – black ice, perhaps? And the pilot approaching the runway in swingy style, like dancing with the aircraft, left wing up, right wing up, left wing up, right wing up. We eventually landed without digging a wing into the dust and without trying to make a wheelie with the airbus (don’t tell me it can’t happen!) but i had to swallow my guts for that. Even Dori was more of a hero. I blame hubby, it’s so his fault. He has shown me too many plane crashes. Definitely his fault.
Now we are in the freezing Czechmoravian Highlands, minus 8 degrees and snow everywhere, I swear, half a meter all around. And still snowing, occassionaly. Let’s make some iglooes!

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