Um Abbas

Sometimes feeling out of this world.

Why Does It Have to Be So Hot?

Darn it; it appears that with every pregnancy my heat resistance lowers some. Now I find over 40 way too hot, and that’s only the cooler part of summer in Kuwait…
Maryooma is 4 months now, how the time flies.
Abbas still refuses to talk at the age of 2 years, however he’s making it up in technical skills, such as perfect way of snatching keys, putting them in the lock, unlocking door, getting into the fridge behind and running away with a cake… not sure if I should celebrate his ability to mimic things he’s seen only once, or be upset over the fact he does it only for mischief.

Randomly Out

Quick repost of my Flickr, between changing my secrets all over the net and making new email – had enough being repeatedly hacked on Guild Wars 2, and certainly not in mood to battle Blizzard for my account again in case they’ve got that one too, again.
However, who on Earth can remember so many passwords, since they can’t be identical? I certainly not… gotta figure that out.



Maryam, the Littlest One

I am pleased to announce that Maryam, our latest addition to our little (well, not so little anymore) family, made her grand entrance to the world at 11*30pm, on the 24th of February, 2014; measuring sweet little and girly 3.1kg and 47cm.
Let the sleep deprivation extravaganza begin. (Typing while rocking very gas congested baby.)


Neboli dlouze se mi táhnou tyto dny a týdny, jako pokaždé a snad i každé obřichatělé – člověk se nachází v permanentním stavu chtění a nechtění dalšího pitomka, tedy potomka; pohybuje se mezi touhou po posledních dnech klidu a spánku (slumber sice nemám, ale klidu je teď rozhodně víc, než bude za nedlouho), a touhou po tom již nebýt čímsi, co by Greenpeace nejraději odvalili zpět do oceánu a více neviděli (a to nezmiňuji ta záda, ta záda!).
Díky hormonům se také často ocitnu na pokraji hysterie a pláče, a slzím vskutku na cokoliv; od skutečné spánkové deprivace (nemělo by jeden a půl leté stvoření náhodou už spát normálně?!), přes dojemné scény u televize (nu, dojemné… koho dojímá šťastný konec Mickey Mouse Clubhouse…), až po totální nesmysle, jako například mastné nádobí, co bych měla umýt.
Naprosto příšerné období v tomto směru. I manžela jsem dneska vyděsila tak, že vynesl odpadky a umyl nádobí, něco, co naposledy udělal téměř pět let zpět.
A tak se snažím rozptýlit, většinou hákováním a splétáním přízí do všelijakých tvarů, patvarů a výtvorů, většinou, vcelku prozaicky, inspirovanými příchozím nespavcem.
Díky cílovým týdnům a komplikací s Marií pak ještě vyžadují v nemocnici týdenní návštěvy s ultrazvukem, takže také pořádná facka přes kapsu (většinou minimálně 35 dinárů), a to jsem ještě nezačala rodit, což bez komplikací a medikací, spolu s dvoudenním pobytem na soukromém ne-totálně-zákládním pokoji vyjde okolo sedmi set v New Mowasat Hospital. Teď už jen doufám, že ta veškerá politika, jíž se kasají na všelikých plakátech, nejsou jen žblepty, a oni skutečně jsou kojení podporující a vůbec, netypicky nekuvajtští, co se medikací, vedení porodu (ó, těch sedm hodin na zádech na posteli bylo něco…) a vůbec tak týče.

(Quality) Family Time

As my parents’ departure closes upon us with a lightning speed, we’ve sped up a bit of the leisure-y tempo in exploring what Kuwait has to offer to a pair of foreigners a.k.a. tourists.
We’ve visited the awesome Beit Al Sadu (I’m saying awesome, because I had the urge to visit that place since ever I’ve got to know about it, and that’s quite long), with traditional Bedouin weaving, exposition, even a weaver (women, by the way!) present and kind enough to Dori to explain to her some basics of the complicated red weavings, including spinning own yarn from sheeps, goats and camels and offering us the possibility to enlist her in appropriate lessons for it. It’d be very good for her as she got zero tolerance and patience and handicrafts are just great for teaching that (in my opinion, at least), but she wouldn’t last long and we don’t have the resources at the moment anyways. Hi, Maryam.
But maybe more than the flickery interest of my daughter in the sadu techniques, I would love to give it a try one day. Since I’ve gone through felting, needle and wet, and now crochet and even basic knit (Thanks, mom! Finally I get the two needle crochet-like craft.), weaving, and on top of it traditional Kuwaiti style, would be a great addition to it. One day, without belly. Perhaps.
We’ve visited National Museum today as well, with a little dizzying experience for me in the planetarium, but hey, how fantastic it is to watch stuff about universe. My favourites are always black holes. Fascinating stuff, really. No sarcasm intended.
Abbas was difficult as always and made my husband miserable till we reached our usual Tuesday lunch at my in laws, where he literally adores the garden space, running around, watching chickens and playing football and handball. Though his cousin made it a little miserable for him today, as he’s a little shy boy and doesn’t like to fight for toys. Yet. He will be taught, soon. I promise.
I’ve had camera on my hands and plenty of time, so I’ve snapped away a huge bunch of completely useless pictures (nearly 6GB of them on my memory card, but my excuse is that RAW takes well over 20MB per picture), but some came out nice, so let the photo spam begin.
The only downfall of this week is that my parents leave on Friday already, and top that around 1 am, so I won’t be able to even go with them to the airport. Kids sleeping at home alone, (=) fires, knives, electricity, bleeding noses and worse, you know that stuff.
Only two days left than; my daughter is going to be direly disappointed and already slacking at school due to her granddad and grandma being here and seeing us after a year, she’s got exams next week. Disaster approaching for sure, I’m telling you.
And top to that, we got not so joyful news at the last ultrasound check for Maryam, though not entirely bad either, true. At least she started to finally chubby up a bit, for I was scolded that she’s too small for dates before.


Kuwait House of National Works

Today we’ve visited with my parents and dear (though slightly grumpy due to lack of sleep, darn that toddler) husband the Kuwait House of National Works, a museum dedicated to Iraqi invasion and subsequent liberation.
As heavily pregnant and with kids I’ve skipped certain displays with pictures of tortured children and people, but otherwise went through the whole exposition without an accident (or tear, though close! Hormones…)
Here are some photos to document our visit – it was very hard to capture anything though as they kept their lights off most of the time to create an atmosphere for us, and a Korean family who happened to tag along as well.

One of (among secret) documents issued to eradicate Kuwaiti national identity and anything of (Kuwaiti) sort

Yes, this is the real deal; head of a statue imported from Iraq after Saddam’s fall

And this is for some sceptics a picture of one of Kuwait’s churches.