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Morning Walk and Recent Days

Yeah. I won the fight with my laziness (and migraines) and actually took my butt outta the pit of our house, to take Dori on a walk, and we decided to go to the sea. No big traveling, just 20 minutes by metro to the seaside.
Due to early hours of the day (at least for Britain) and the fact it was Monday, most of the places were empty – best time of day for me, personally.
We had some fun on the beach, Dori exploring something quite new for her (and she started to like the waves too much, for the weather it was, I say), me just having fun with camera after a while I didn’t take any pictures at all. Wasn’t in the right mood for that, I guess.

Dori at the Beach

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Virgin Media: Powerful Incompetence

The internet service provider for a big part of Britain has a widely spread advertisement: Powerful Stuff.
It promises broadband of nice download limits (we personally pay for XL package, supposedly 20Mb which we never got, but, oh well), nice upload, TV and phone line; package of powerful stuff.
We bought it – and started to use XL package, 20Mb download, not so bad fair user policy.
Virgin was serving ok for nearly two years. Occasional problems with lag usually solved in few hours.
When a problem occurred, Virgin has shown it’s real face.
Crap support, crap service, crap excuses.
Our internet connection is literally worse than dial-up for about a month already. It randomly even disconnects, just for sure. Pings to close servers end up in time outs mostly. When they manage to go through, the show catastrophic numbers of 1000+ ping within the island, package loss in most of the cases over 10%.
First call, maintenance.
When the imaginative maintenance of some incompetent support member passed by and our internet still sucked, we gave them a second call.
Second call, too much students in the area.
Yeah, right. And last year Newcastle didn’t have a student in town. Bull-poo. If you can’t have a server which can support enough people on 20Mb per household, don’t  offer it! That is suable false advertisement and cancellation is for free. Because you fail to deliver something you agreed to provide in the contract. We pay money, you give us service. Not like now – we pay money and you messed up, but you won’t admit it.
Third call was already clear – just another bull-poo about another imaginative maintenance to shut us up, the usual round of making excuses about our end of line (trace route show else, you stupid *bleep*).
Fourth call will be only for one purpose.
We are changing ISP.

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Drahá Rodina

Neboť se blíží všemi oslavované (obzvláště majitelé všelikých velikých obchodů) a ekonomicky ruinující období roku, většině lidstva známé pod pojmem Vánoce a Advent, optala se má rodina sídlící v ČR, zda si probojujeme cestu na pár dní zpět do země rodné a oblažíme naše okolí špetkou multikulturality.
Odpověděla jsem, že událost blíže prokonzultuji s manželem, což jsem udělala, sic ne záhy – ale udělala; a na jeho popud zase prohovořila zpět s rodinou a pak zpět s drahou polovicí. Dohodli jsme se na přibližném datu příletu a s optimismem sobě vlastním (poslední letenka u British Airways vycházela okolo 100£) jsme byli smeteni ekonomickou krizí a neustále se zvyšujícími náklady leteckých společností (či jak jinak zdražování odůvodňují) a letenkami na osobu značně dražšími, včetně faktu, že tříleté dítko již necestuje za 80% ceny, nýbrž za cenu dospělou. Ačkoliv jsme na tom finančně lépe, než předchozí rok, takový náklad je stále velká událost, obzvlášť když cena celého výletu vychází nikoliv o pár liber více, ale v řádu stovek liber více…
Výlety do ČR se stávají více a více komplikované, finančně i cestovně.
Nejprve zmizel přímý let, poté nám každých pár měsíců zdraží letenku o několik desítek liber na osobu…

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Fall I

Cold days (maximum up to 10 degrees Celsius at the time) came and I had to revamp my daughter’s wardrobe, since she’s nice prospering girl and clothes for 2,5 year aren’t really much for 3,5 year old girl anymore; so I ordered few fall pieces from John Lewis. She looks so sweet in it, as always.
We are still on hunt for a place in nursery, which seem to be all full at the time (and we certainly can’t afford to pay 200£ per week of paid nursery).
Aboody started his third year in Northumberland University, and had to make some expenses as well; to look representative and to be more clever (understand, to buy a complete suit and some sinfuly overpriced study books), so we r a bit on tight budget, but certainly better than it used to be on King John Terrace… long time ago to remember, but unlike my husband, I prefer to remind us time to time that we had much worse times than we had now. It keeps person grateful for what he has…
Autumn came with full power of chilly days and colourful leaves all over the city and my camera would certainly appriciate if I took it out a bit more, but I’m just toooooo lazy recently :-)

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Lady’s Purse

Did you ever wonder, what containes lady’s purse? What secrets can a woman hide inside, dark and all-eating space, in where is carried almost anything possible you can think of?
I don’t know how other ladies, but my ‘purse’ (it’s more like a bag, bought it in one ethno shop) doesn’t contain much things.
I carry there the following:

Pentax K20D with mounted 50mm.
One polarizer filter from Hoya.
Brush for cleaning the lenses.
One spare lens (18-250mm), just in case.
One lip bomb.
Mobile phone (that’s in case I don’t forget it on the nightstand.)
Health insurance cards of my daughter and me myself.
One paper napkin.
One sheet for cleaning glasses and camera LCD.
Few pounds scattered throughot the bag, in case I need to make a small expense and I’m too lazy to search for the wallet.
One wallet (if I know I go shopping, otherwise NOT – its big and heavy and doesn’t really nicely stuff inside with already big Pentax.)
Keys from the ground floor flat we live in.
One spare hijab pin.
And… in case of traveling outta country – one diaper and one book.
That’s about it… Not much secrets, right? :-)

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… And Fall Came

So, fall is back to England, cold nights on program, heater on (and gas bill up);
few photo oportunities for amaterous me, of course, just in case I win the fight with my laziness to kick myself out with camera and Dori and hunt for some nice pictures… at least nice for me.

The Last Bud

Hope you will like it as I do… can’t get myself taking good pictures recently, not much in the mood for it, and when I am, they come out strange anyways @_@ ….

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