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So seem to be all the days now. Mainly below 5 degrees of C., and this kind of humidy-crawling and creeping cold everywhere. Waking up in the morning means having fingers on feet turn purple from the unwelcoming tiles of kitchen; and doing hot, warming tea seems to be such an impossible task – but so rewarding, when one finally brings the cups into the living room, which has a high fibre carpet and it’s a little bit more bearable in the morning than the coldness of a kitchen area facing the bloody north-east. Beautiful mornings with sun beams shining through the glass of the kitchen door; but the beams don’t warm up at all.
Showering means leaving the shower on for some time before you can step under it, unless you like the quick way of waking up in the morning; and I certainly don’t. Perhaps the real english men do so. Or maybe they’ve just got used to it.
Our millipedia problem got solved by it, though; as well as all the snails are winter-sleeping.
The only slight uncomfort comes from the fact that we don’t really own the proper amount of sweaters for home; neither a suitable jacket for outing. I should check John Lewis for some, I guess, so we can get out more. Not like we got much sunny days now; winter came with full power and though it doesn’t announce itself with snow as in Czech, it still is ubiqutous and we can feel it to the tips of our fingers.


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Simply Simpleton

Today I bring a very clean, simple layout for your minimalistic WP mind. Basically white, light grey theme with dark red elements is suitable for a personal diary as well as for more bussiness-wise blogging.
Please, do not re-upload, re-sell nor claim as your own. Link here, if you are forwarding the theme to someone.
Easy to install and modificate. Widget friendly, of course. WP 2.8.x.



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Labilní, ale svá

Kdyby nebylo Projektu 7000, který mně zabírá čas učením se php, css a vůbec formováním designu stránek od základu (tedy těch pro WordPress, prozatím), studováním modelování a texturování v Maye 2010 a plánováním fotografických procházek – zatím jen leje, jaká to nemožná Anglie; pravděpodobně bych se svíjela někde v koutku, rvala si vlasy a kvílela.
Proč? Nu… ono je to v podstatě jednoduché. Nic smrtelného se mi neděje, tedy, alespoň to můj doktor tvrdí, co vyloučil rakovinu čípku (ano, skutečně zmiňuji něco tak trochu nepohodlného), ale “tam dole” je pořád něco špatně, tudíž se stávám kontejnerem nejrůznějších hormonů, jak mi mění hormonální antikoncepci a kodeinové prášky na migrény (zdá se, že když Ibalgin nepomáhá, šahá pan Hattaway hned po něčem … závislejším) a zkouší, jestli zrovna tahle krabička pomůže spravit neopravitelné – někdy si říkám, jestli tyhle bojůvky proti přírodě jsou ok; třeba jsem neměla nikdy splynout s řadou podezřelých stvoření, která krvácí několik dnů a nechcípnou. Ale tak na druhou stranu, doktoři mi také tvrdili, že nikdy nebudu mít potomky, a Doubravka vesele si poskakující po pokoji to asi tak nějak vylučuje. (Ovšem na tuto prognózu se prozměnu váží moje obavy z druhé manželky, která by se jaksi mohla objevit jako nová součást rodinky, pokud doktoři měli pravdu a Dorka byla jen … šťastná náhoda? Ale to je na jiný článek.)

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Green Love Theme

Ok; my first step in a part of Project 7000. Hopefuly it will bring a little bit. If not, who cares, right?

Green Love 1.0 template for WP 2.8.x is a 2 column (right sidebar), simple, clean and stylish theme. It containes two flower graphics and basic Windows fonts (-> no tweaking for seeing). Tested successfully in Internet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox 3.5.5 and Chrome 3.0.
Easy to tweak.
No re-selling, re-uploading or altering of files, please.


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My First WP Theme!

I’ve finally – more or less – finished my first WP template.
It’s build totally from scratch, with a help of tutorials to get me a bit into php and css, but the result isn’t soooo bad, is it?
I will work on the strange sidebar a bit later, so far it’s working well in IE8, FF & Chrome. I might think of putting the theme to be available for download, if someone will want it.
Now, off to bed, it’s so late! I spent two days doing this, heh. It’s really windy outside and the sound of whistling air isn’t particularly calming; not after we watched so many episodes of Lost! 

Coffee Girl Preview

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All Done! (Blessed Eid Al-Adha and Happy Thanksgiving to All)

Finally I’ve – hopefully – finished setting everything up, all posts should have valid permalinks, read more tag at the longer ones, proper categories assigned, and links out working – though it gave me a bit to remember them all. For my luck I’m not much a graphoman so it took only about 80 articles to edit (I decided to make most of the Islamic stuff private, for now) manually.
Frustrating experience. Those movings will kill me one day. I just hope it’s all right now and I can stick with WP for long time. Drupal was a great thing but for blog only it’s quite heavy CMS, taking 70+ tables in MySQL, while WP is ok with 10. And I have the blog only; so no reason to use Drupal for now, unless I want a complex website – which I don’t.
I’ve lost few recent articles and comments though when the blog got wiped out yesterday (the backup I had unfortunately didn’t have them, it was about a week old), but I hope noone will hold the lost comments against me – I certainly didn’t delete them intentionally.
So happy late Thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates; and blessed Eid Al-Adha to the ones who celebrate it as well.

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