Art Tumblr Import

//Art Tumblr Import

Art Tumblr Import

Over the next few hours (or days) I will be importing all my ‘art’ Tumblr posts back to here. It may break the site a little as I might fiddle with settings and the theme, as I always do and always break it (and then spend three days trying to fix it!).

But, at least, I am back to Randomly Mad, after a very long break and only occasional maintenance.


Tumblr…is an odd universe.

I’ve spent more than a year over there by now and still can’t decide whether I like it or not. It has some good tools for self-promoting, once you are capable of building up a bit of a follower base, similar to Instagram; but the pitfalls come nearly immediately, as you ought to communicate with that follower base, and allowing messaging and anonymous asks can be pretty tiresome – because the more people know about your blog, the more trolls and ugliness you’re likely to attract. Even the most resilient people can get tired of the random, uncalled-for hate, time to time – and I think I had just about enough.

Expressing opinion on Tumblr, one that doesn’t conform to ‘allowed mild and shallow’ category, is like stepping in a mine-field. The Tumblr community tends to be often very self-absorbed, and insanely self-centered…which is probably normal, since it’s a blog platform, after all. And blogs are mostly personal. (Also, like it or not, it’s extremely US-centric, both population-wise and opinion-wise.) The obsession of labeling one’s self is something I will never fathom, and will always consider rather weird. I understand the need to belong, but building up identities around certain boxes and labels? That’s pretty restrictive and unimaginative, if you ask me. You are who you are, not your hand-pickled labels, sorry.

Nonetheless, for all its bad corners, I owe Tumblr the very fact I made a comeback to drawing, after many, many years of artistic silence. The reception of my doodles and art-attempts became frustratingly low once I have moved out of the popular fandom territory, but I’d like to continue to grow, and for that, I have to remove myself from the platform. I started to depend on notes, comparing them to the quality of work, and became blue once I realized that the moment the drawings do not include half naked popular gaming characters, any pretense of support will drop, and only a handful of people will remain, faithfully so, returning to my art journey and supporting me with their presence. (For which I am very thankful, you gals know who you are.)

So here I go, back to where I started ten years ago. (Can you believe it? I hardly can!)


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