Anthony Ryder’s Quotes about Art

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Anthony Ryder’s Quotes about Art

“Each form arcs out and falls back, like the spring of a leaping gazelle.”

“The drawing itself will speak up if a line is too hard or too soft. We all need to learn to listen more attentively to our drawings, to accept feedback from them. They are our best teachers, and will tell us many things.”

“Happily, the broken stick configuration is a drawing malaise that is easily cured.”

“ You need to accept the paradox that, though you can see the model quite clearly, you really haven’t the slightest idea what she looks like. Then you can use the block-in as a means to acquire clarity. “

“In drawing we’re constantly dealing with these apparently contradictory aspects of the form: unity and diversity, continuity and discreteness. If the contour is too continuous, it becomes kind of slippery and rubbery. If it’s too discrete, it becomes overly choppy. “

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