And So It Goes…

I’ve been suffering from some very weird and irresistibly itchy rash which I am currently unable to get rid off and it makes my life rather miserable – Abbas slept six hours yesterday night (which is in my world post-partum a miracle), yet I got almost no sleep as I was wide awake, forcing myself not to scratch my skin off my body, on many occasions failing and scratching to blood and blues.
I have been on a visit to two different dermatologists and both have different opinions and so far both seem to be not so spot on. I’ve got some antihistamine solution to dip myself in which to be perfectly honest doesn’t do a simple thing, and some night creme for whatever purpose, which, so far, doesn’t work either.
Did you ever had that urge to use the razor (which you were shaving your legs with) as a really sharp, and a really fine tool for all that itchiness? Well, I did. That’s how annoying this current condition of mine is. (I didn’t use it, however. I’ve imagined my husband coming home from work and finding me laying on the bathroom floor, in an indecent state, bleeding all over the tiles. All the mess. So I didn’t do it in the end.)

But besides this mysterious eczema we’re fine, lazy and hothothot summer, dusty even.
Abbas is deep asleep on me right now and I am quite positive that the moment I’ll get up to put him in his cot and dive in the bed to catch some shut eye, he will declare a major party time.
Maybe a bath could knock him back to sleep – or have a completely adverse effect. My bets are on the later.

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