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Who Am I?

A mother, a wife, a knitter, a crocheter, a gamer, an amateur photographer, aspiring ‘drawer’, as my kiddos say, an amateur blogger (no money earned from it here, sadly). With somewhat liberal views one way, and somewhat conservative other way; I blog about our little family to offer a peek into our daily lives to my extended and close family here and abroad.

  • Featuring original photography, no re-posts or robbing of other authors
  • A section dedicated to art and art-related quotes
  • Offers a unique possibility to peek into a daily life of an average Kuwaiti/Czech family
  • Easy to reach on other media, in case you want to discuss any topic with me

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Um Abbas
Um AbbasMain Author
Liberal, Shia muslim, European origin, docked in Middle East at the moment. The main author of vast majority of the articles on this site, as well as the author of photography used.

Some of my highlights

My most liked projects usually include pictures of other people in various moments. I much prefer taking pictures when people are not aware of it, as these come out natural and beautiful, as compared to the staged, studio ones. This practice has many flaws and negatives in return, but that’s the way I rock.
I also love drawing and painting portraits, which probably comes as a logic conclusion to portrait photography.

As I’ve mentioned below, photography-wise it was having been contacted by a Turkish magazine to use my photo for cover. I still have a copy of that magazine at home, sentimental me.

Life wise? Well, that’s still to be seen. I am raising together with my beloved husband three rascals, so hopefully our accomplishment will be bringing three really awesome humans to the world.

I don’t particularly prepare. I usually haul along with me a 77mm lens, which is a really nice piece of Japanese work. Beautiful pictures come out of that one. Often, I take along a wider lens too, mostly my old e-Bayed 28mm (20$ for it! It was a good buy, I am telling you – no haze, no dust, and with an UV filter. It is as old as I am, but it still serves very well up to date), or a universal 18-250, which, however, has an inside flaw after traveling from UK to Kuwait, and I am just too cheap to send it to Tokyo for repair.

I snap what I think of as beautiful or worthwhile. It is, truly, a world through my eyes. I’ve never took pictures to please other people; and it does look accordingly. I apologize if my photography is more suitable for “family albums”, as it has been pointed out before by some professionals.
Well, I also do not care. It’s for my joy, after all.

The more I am happy to say that one of my pictures have actually been used as a cover photo for a Turkish magazine featuring articles for Ramadan activities for kids. Yay me! :)

In traditional, I research the subject and prepare few references. I always use a light pencil undersketch before proceeding with anything, as I like the certainty of knowing where my lines take me.
For digital, I spent some time gathering info and references, and then work in similar manner to traditional. Undersketch (often 3 passes to refine), lineart, and if it goes beyond, shading, colours. If it’s painterly, I paint over the lineart at some point. I am not a single layer person, but I tend to keep te amount of layers at the bare minimum – I prefer to have three different saves rather than 50 layers.

I like to read books, to crochet and knit many projects, draw and photograph of course; but I also like to play games.

Yes, I am a gamer.

You can occasionally meet me in World of Warcraft, Black Desert Japan, TERA, ArcheAge, Guild Wars 2, 9 Dragons, Rift, and some others, although I tend to stick mostly to the giants of the industry. If you’d like to play along with me, just drop a note.
I am also a player of Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, and venture in less popular waters such as No Man’s Sky, random city builders, Ori and the Blind Forest, and many others.